Disaster Tip of The Week: Land Lines Are BEST in a Disaster!

by DisasterMOM on March 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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Do you look at your land line as a technology dinosaur? It is time to look at your land line with “fresh eyes” and new found respect after reading this.

September is National Disaster Preparedness month and your phone is your #1 disaster tool.

Don’t disconnect your land line just yet.

Many of us have chosen to eliminate the extra cost of keeping our land line since we rarely use them. We save them for sales calls, annoying business contacts, distant relatives who only get “this” number and lots of recorded messages. Really, who wants a personal call on your land line?

But consider this…

Your Land Line is KEY During an Emergency or Disaster….Here’s Why!

As stated in an article, “4 Reasons to Keep Your Land Line”, by Financial Highway.com

While it is still possible to reach out to 911 operators with your cell phone, it may not be as quick or as accurate for the operator to tell where you are located based on the GPS alone.  A land line has several advantages over the cell phone in the following instances:

  • If you have small children in the home, who may not be able to relay their address accurately
  • If you are seriously injured, cannot speak, and need to have the emergency operators know your location from just your caller ID
  • If you live in an area where calls may be incorrectly attributed to the wrong cell tower (calls that come from towers across state lines, for example)
  • During a major disaster, when cell phone lines are jammed due to everyone using them at once
  • Reverse 911 calls need land lines to ensure information reaches the public. Cell phones are not reliable.

Land lines offer access to emergency responders in rural areas where the cell phone is less than reliable.  (Who wants a dropped call when you’re clutching on to life?)  While the scenario seems dramatic, for those with small children, fragile health conditions, or in an area with a poorly developed cellular infrastructure, the land line is still superior.

Something else to consider…

Immediately following a disaster, resist using your mobile device to watch streaming videos, download music or videos, or play video games, all of which can add to network congestion.

So if you feel having a land line is remaining in the dark ages technology wise, it’s time to give your land line the respect it deserves.


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BPheneger September 17, 2012 at 4:55 am

Great article! The CEO here at Solimar Systems Inc just shared with the company that when the husband of a mixed tennis partner collapsed on the court with a heart attack, it was more difficult to get the emergency personal to find them because they made the 911 call with a cell phone. With quick action by our CEO and his wife, they were able to revive him with CPR and a portable defibrillator. Great news!

Prepography September 27, 2012 at 2:37 am

After the disaster if the landline doesn’t work and cellphone service is spotty…try texting. Cellphone texting seems to be a more robust service and texts even go through when it looks like there’s little or no service.

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